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Just as we have welcomed our customers in person over the years to our restaurant "ARAPAKOS", so do we extend the same warm welcome to visitors to our website.
As a family business, together with my sons Costa and Dimitri, who speak Greek, French and English, we pride ourselves on perpetuating a family tradition of quality.

George Iliopoulos "Arapakos"

Our reputation was not made overnight : it's the fruits of many years of experience.
Since 1978, Arapakos has been passing down not only his culinary secrets, but also his love for excellence in taste, quality and the art of enjoyment.
Whether it's lunch or an evening meal, we cater for every age and taste.
Besides a wide, range of starters, our menu includes greek cuisine, fresh fish, sea food, meat grilled or roasted and pasta dishes.
All of these are of the highest quality made from fresh ingredients and served with love and our trademark respect for the customer.

We look forward to seeing you or answering any queries. To contact us or for bookings click here.

We are easy to find at the "paralia" Port of Nafplio : 81 Bouboulina St.

Tel: 27520 27675         Fax: 27520 97538         E-mail:

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